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tv   P.M. Question Time  CSPAN  August 5, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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yuval rosenberg discusses the downgrade of the u.s. credit rating one year ago. david owens assesses the state of the u.s. power grid. and alexander saltman outlines the role that private commercial space light companies will play in the future of noosea. .
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ thank you! thank you! thank you! you guys will tell me, if they make funny faces behind my back, all right? thank you! thank you guys for having me. so glad to be back here. sorry it's so warm. i always love coming here in the winter. this is perfect. so i went to school here from third grade to fifth dpraid,
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and -- -- grade but here's the good news the good news is the office isn't open so the press can't check my records to see how my grades were! so i won the marbles championship out there on that lawn. so that right there room number 12 was my fourth grade class. >> [inaudible] >> you did? don't tell any secrets. i was the champion and outside was my fifth grade class and they did the assemblies and they probably do that. i remember being in that room, the day the hostage came home from iran. remember, tie a yellow ribbon. we had a good president that day, his name was ronald reagan and that's what we're working on getting back, a really good president in the white house. that's what this election is
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about. so thank you for having me be here today. i have family members here. fact i have more family members in las slegas -- vegas than miami. we're doing our part. we've had four. my wife is here today. where is she where is my wife? she's here somewhere. there she is. janet is here. and -- >> [applause] >> see i told you i went to elementary school. she had doubts. anyway, thank you. i'm honored to be here today on behalf of mitt romney but also on behalf of all those wonderful candidates running up and down the ballot and i want to make a point of that. one of the reasons we have the events is to encourage people, encourage people to get evolved -- to get involved and engaged. it's warm so i dant want to take a lot of time just enough to tell you what's at stake this election matters and i want to tell you why it matters and encourage to you get involved. i think it begins by understanding who we are and why we're different.
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for much of human history for like 18 centuries and even longer, almost everyone on earth was poor not just a little poor, a lot poor. every country, every society in the world was basically a handful of really rich people and everybody else that worked for them. people starved, people were hungry, people suffered. it was truly the era of the haves and have nots. that's what the world was like for almost all of its history. that began to change about two centuries ago, and the reason why it began to change is because of this place called america. >> [applause] >> founded on a powerful principle and here was the principle it was founded on. that every single human being on the earth didn't matter who you were who your parents were, where you were born, what you did or didn't do for a living, every person has certain rights given to them not by their government but by god. >> and that -- >> plen applause --
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[applause] >> and that chief among those rights was the right to life, to liberty and to the pursuit of that happiness. what is happiness? that is what they were asking, what is happiness in' lives? happiness is the ability to do what you want for a living. it's the opportunity to raise your children. it's the opportunity to have enough money to buy the things you like. now, our political rights get all the press. the right to say whatever you want, the right to express your opinion the right to go to any church you want to go to but our economic liberties are just as important, and our economic liberties are real because it's said that you should have the freedoms to pursue happiness. economic happiness largely is the ability to earn your accomplishments. to earn them by opening up a business, so you can feel a sense of accomplishment of building something, because yes, if you build a business you built the business! >> [applause]
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>> >> keep clapping so i can drink some water! that's enough i appreciate it. if you're here to hackel -- to heckel me, if you can wait another five minutes that gives me an opportunity to have water. the opportunity to own a business to get paid to do something you love for a lig. that's economic happiness and a happiness i know well so it was the story of so many in my family, and that's the opportunity to work somewhere that paid you enough money so that you could provide a living for your family and a better future for your children. why is that possible? and what kind of system are those kinds of things possible? it's possible in a system where the economy isn't run by government. and yet it's worked -- and this idea has worked so well, for 200 years.
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the result is the freest and most prosperous nation that the earth has ever known. and yet despite its success, despite this extraordinary success of free enterprise there have always been voices in america that don't believe in it. usually it's economists or professors or people that have too much time on their hands. >> [laughter] >> but probably for the first time in my lifetime, it also happens to be the president of the united states, who not only do does not believe in the free enterprise system but he doesn't understand it. he doesn't believe in the free enterprise system. he think the free enterprise system means that you only way you can get rich is by making someone else poor. he believes that the only way that you can succeed is by making other people less successful. he believes that if you are successful at building a business it isn't because you were suggestionleful, it's because you got lucky and you owe it to the got and everybody else, and so you
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need to share your success. >> he doesn't believe in the free enterprise system, and quite frankly he doesn't understand it. and that's why this election is more than just a campaign between two men. it is a choice between two very different visions of the world. two very different views of what the role of government should be in our lives and in our country. that's what this election is about. mitt romney believes in the free enterprise system, because he has seen it. it's not just mitt romney, it's dean heller, it's all of our can dane. tarkania is running for congress, his opponent believes that -- his opponents does not heller believes that, his opponents do not. even in local office, he bet you you'll find people that believe in the free enterprise system. it's more than just believing -- believing it.
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they know how it works, how it functions, they understand how prosperity is truly created and it's pretty straightforward. here's how prosperity is created. someone makes some money. they use that money to start a new business or to grow that new business. as a result, they make some more money for themselves or they hire people to work for them who now make money. these people in turn turn around and take the money they've made and they spend it thereby helping other people start businesses and provide for their families, and the cycle goes on and on. that's how prosperity works. >> [applause] >> so you ask well, what's the role of government in all that. government has a role to play. it does have a role to play. i'll tell you what its role is. number one, its role is to write rules. rules of conduct, you know what's legal what's not legal so that everyone getting involved in economic competition understands what the rules of the game are. government's job is to provide for infrastructure.
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that means the roads or our national security and at the state level it means education. it means a way to provide for national security, i just outlined that a second ago. you can't grow economically if we're being invaded you can't grow economically if your enemies are attacking you. that's the role of government. that's the proper role of government. every time it does anything beyond that -- oh, and it provides for a safety net. not as a way of life, but as a way of helping those who cannot help themselves and as a way of helping those who are trying but have fallen so they can get back on their feet and try again. >> [applause] >> what happens when people decide we want government to do more than that? even if it's well intentioned? here's what happens. the rules become unpredictable. in fact, they get crazy. government starts changing the rules depending upon whatever they think is the right thing. it becomes rule of man not rule of law. people get scared to invest
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in countries like that. they get scared to start a business or grow a business, in a country they have no idea what the rules are going to be tomorrow and by the way no one asked them what the rules are going to be, either. those kinds of government are also expensive. that means taxes have to go up. let me tell you the problem with that of the of course we have to have taxes. it can't be zero. you have to be able to pay for the things we said government does. but what happens when taxes get too high, here's what happens people think we may not be able to keep that much money so maybe we won't open that business, maybe we won't grow it. here's what works. government gets its money from somewhere and usually it's out of the hands of the private sector. every dollar that goes to the government is a dollar that's not available to start a business or to grow one. by the way it also means less money that people have in their pockets to spend. i don't know of any community in this country that should understand that better than this one and i'll tell you
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why. because this community depends heavily on tourism. but tourism doesn't happen unless people have money in their pockets. every dollar you take out of theirocket in a new tax is a dollar they cannot spend here. now, there are some dollars you're going to have to take, because there are certain things government has to do, but if you go too far as this president wants to do to fund a big government experiment that's money they can't spend here. and that hurts everyone. and that's hurting you right now. that's what mitt romney understands. that's what this election is about. it's a choice between two very dramatically different views of the role of government in america. and by the way the role of america in the world. it's consequential. it matters. that's what you're working for. you aren't just working to get rid of somebody. you're working to replace somebody with someone, like mitt romney who understands what's made us prosperous in the past and understands what will make us prosperous in
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the future as well. >> [applause] >> i'll close by reminding you that you know who else believes in the free enterprise system? i do. and i'll tell you why. coming here today driving even into the old neighborhood i'm reminded why i believe in it so much. in 1956 my parents came to this country in search of a life where they would have the liberty to pursue their happiness. twenty-five years later after that in search of that same -- and in that same quest they came hering out west, where my dad worked as a bartender and my mom as a maid. my parents never made that much money, they certainly didn't make enough money to save for their retirement, much less thar college fund yet they made enough to buy us a home, not a big one but a secure one, one where we were encouraged to dream and we knew that if we worked
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hard, the dreams that have been impossible for them would be possible for us. those dreams bring me here today across two decades and a half. i come back to the place where those dreams took flight, and i'm reminded of the special obligation that those like me have to the rest of us who have those dreams now. now is not the time to abandon the american miracle. now is not the time for us to go back to the ways of the old world. now is not the time for us to go back and become like those countries that people come here to get away from. now is not the time for us to embrace the polices that trap generations of people in poverty from which they could not escape. now is the time for us to remember why the american miracle worked and why we are different, and yes why we are better than the rest of the world. >> [applause] >>
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>> don't ever be afraid to say that. the reason why we're better than the rest of the world is because we are the rest of the world. america is not a race. america is not a religion. america is people from all over the world who came here to build in this new land a life that was impossible in their own. and that's why here in this country, the poor the tired, the huddled masses came. the people who in their own country could not even succeed rejected by their own societies, came here and built america. the single greatest nation in the history of all mankind. >> [applause] that is our
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common heritage and those of us who have lived it just a generation ago have a special obligation to defend it, because even as i stand here before you today just in walking distance from this very place, this are people that have the jobs my parents once had there are people that lived the life we once led. within walking distance of this very place there are people who now walked the steps we once walked in, and they deserve the same america that my parents and our grandparents gave to us and that is the chance that we have in this election. >> [applause] >> i got to tell you i do a lot of speeches but very few of them have made me as nervous as this one because -- >> run for vice president! >> [applause] >> [cheering and yelling]
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>> hey, that was not kind of heckler was expecting but thank you for the water i appreciate it! >> we love you! >> i love you too! thank you for having me back. >> run for the supreme court? geez! >> [laughter] >> what elementary did you go to, sir? >> [inaudible] >> so much of what i know to be true about the world i learned here on the streets just around this very place. and i understand now more than ever how special and truly this country is and it's something we should never apologize for. but -- >> [applause]
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>> it didn't become that way by accident, by luck or by chance. it became that way because people chose that route. they chose to believe in the power of the individual. they chose to believe what a free people in pursuit of happiness could do together. they chose to believe in a country where it wasn't government or your leaders that give you your rights, it's the job of government and your leads to protect the rights that god has given you. >> [applause] >> those ideas made this country. but in so doing, they also changed the world. because no matter where you live on this planet, there is someone just like you that was able to accomplish here what they never would have accomplished in the nation of their own birth. and it reminds you of how truly important the american miracle is, not just for us, but for all of the world.
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two decades arc the american miracle lived in my house. through the lives of a bartender and maid whorks made it the mission of their life to give us the chance to do everything they could not. that miracle finds itself in other houses today. and whether in this new century, this new country this century a bartender and maid can open doors that were closed for them is the issue of this election and it's what we decide. we must either embrace the things that made us great or become just like everybody else. and i know that in the depths of our heart, no matter how scared we are, because times are tough and when times are tough and you're getting paid less and working harder and your house is worth less than it once was and your kids can't find a job even though they did everything you asked of them, when times are tough and people are worried whoas are the times that those who asked us to abandon the greatness of our principles
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rear their head and they tell us the only way to have a future is to abandon our liberties and freedoms and give them the power to incident our income and run our economy. but my friends that has never worked anywhere it's been tried. every time we have tried it here it's made us poorer, not more prosperous, every one that's -- country that's tried it has made them more poor not more prosperous. now is the no the time to go backward to the dark days of human history. what you are like is going to be decided by what your parents were, who they knew and how connected they were. now is the time to embrace the things that made us different and better and better than special and that's what november is giving us a chance to do and that's what you're working for up and down the ballot across the state and country in race after race, the choice between between what people believe that made us different and those that ask you to apply the policy that is make us like everybody
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else you are deciding lesses and your willingness to make a difference and and i promise you i will do my part if you will do yours. thank you. >> monday ohio republican senator rob portman campaigned for mitt romney the battleground state of pennsylvania. he told supporters that the farm and home center in lancaster that pennsylvania would be in the red column for mitt romney. barack obama won the state in 20 08. senator portman has been mentioned as a possible vice presidential running mate for mitt romney. because of technical problems, we joined this a few minutes into senator portman's remarks. >> when the president pushes a health care through, he jams it lu, not a single republican vote, you remember you said if you all pass this health care law, it's going to be great, you can all keep your current health care he said it's going to be cheaper. that's what he said. you know what he said? he said the average cost for a family in america is going
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to be $2500 less for health care premiums if you push this through. guess what we learned last week from the congressional budget office, nonpartisan group in the congress? it's $2500 but it's $2500 more. it's higher. by $2500. exactly the amount he said it would be cut, it's increased. you probably feel that in your family budget don't you i just talked to a bunch of small business owners that tell me one reason they can't create jobs is because health care costs keep going up and it's harder and harder for them to be able to provide health care for their employees, they're looking at part-time overtime they're looking at ways for be able to bring people on but they can't because of health care, so this law hasn't made it easier, it's made it harder for our families, for our small businesses and for aur budget decifit. $16 trillion of cost to the
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federal budget. so folks, when the president says look at my economic record, i hope people will look at it. >> [laughter] >> and they'll find out it didn't work. it's really no wonder. the president's out of touch. you'll recall when he said the private sector is doing just fine? i just asked small business owners that after i asked them that they were really happy that the government built their business -- and i almost got thrown out of the room when i said that. it's a joke, it's a joke, just kidding! but look, the president said the private sector is doing just fine. but then what else did he say do you remember that speech? he also said all we need to do is take your hard earned tax dollars send them to washington, d.c. have washington d.c. take a cut out of it, borrow a bunch more from places like china and then send it back to the states. so that the commonwealth can create more public sector jobs here in pennsylvania. that's the solution to our economic problems.
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does that make sense to you? >> no! >> i don't think it makes sense to any americans. as they look at this, they know the dpoment doesn't create jobs. it's the preft sector that creates jobs. if it was the government that created jobs we would have been doing just fine under the stimulus because he created more and more public sector spending and more and more jobs. it didn't work. that's not how it works in our country. we created the greatest economy on the face of the earth a bacon of hope and opportunity for the rest of the world. and we did it through hard work. we did it through the kind of small business owners i just met w1 woman she said my husband and started a music business with two employees, we're struggling, but my husband jokes with me, he says it's great being a small business owner because you can choose which 16 hours to work a day. so the president says you know what, if you have a business you didn't build
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it, someone else did and that speech you'll recall was about the government building it and the speech was about the fact that those small businesses who think they built it should be paying more taxes because, after all the government really built it. now, that didn't make a whole lot of sense to the folks i was just talking to. it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. when the president said that, you didn't build that business, somebody else did. i thought about all the small business owners i know in my home town of cincinnati across ohio, i thought about my dad my dad was like some of the small business owners i met with. he took a risk, when he was 40 years old, he was with a company he said i'm going to give it up start my own business, he borrowed money from my mom's aunt, pretty risky, because he couldn't get it from the bank, he had no record of starting a business, but he believed in himself and he believed in the community, he believed in his workers heeld in america, he believed this dream could be accomplished
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so he hired five people. my mom was the bookkeeper. they lost money the first year. they lost money the second year. they lost money the third year. my uncle began to wonder. but they persevered and created a nice little business. and he did it through hard work and sweat. working seven days a week. mortgaging the house. this is what's happening all over america to create opportunity. and yet the president is telling those people, you didn't do it? we should be doing just the opposite in government. we should be holding those people up. we should be telling them that they are the backbone of the economy that we respect them. that we love what they do for our country. [applause] >> if you look at every recession we've had in this country there's always a recovery coming out of it. we're now living through the weakest recovery since the great depression.
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think about that. if you look at it closely, you'll find out that it actually wasn't the big businesses that led us out of recessions. it tends to be the small businesses. the guy or the woman willing to take a risk. this administration is going just the opposite direction. they're telling those folks if you work hard, you're not going to get the reward you deserve. in fact, we're going to raise your taxes, we're going to increase your health care cost, we're going to increase the regulatory burden that you face. i got to tell you i've got a lot of stories next door when i met with the small business owners. some of them are in the room today. about the regulatory burden. every single one of them has a story that government is making it harder not easier to create jobs. we need to turn that around, don't we, folks? let's give small business a break. blank blank we talked about the epa, we talked about osha, about the regulations that make it hard fora farmtory make ends meet, we talked
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about the reasons that it's harder here in lancaster county and harder across our country to create hope and opportunity and the jobs that we need to be able to lift people up, to be able to give them that dignity and self-respect, because of the bottom. not that the government is helping. but that the regulations make it harder. that's the reality. the unpredictability the uncertainty in the economy today, the regulations, the higher taxes, the president out there saying he wants to raise them even higher. this is not how we turn things around. now, let me tell you why i'm ultimately optimistic. we've been here before. america did go through a great depression. we went through a couple of great world wars. we've been through tough times as a country. we always come out on top. because of the hard work and ingenuity of the american people. we trust the people, folks. not the government, to get ut -- to get us out of this. that's the difference in this election. that's what this campaign is going to be about, and we can do it again.
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we happen to have a cantate on the republican side who gets it. after all, he's from the private sector. he's the guy that actually took a risk, started a business, and created a bunch of jobs. not just a couple dozen jobs. or a couple hundred jobs. or a couple thousand jobs. he created net over 100000 jobs in his businesses. he knows how to create jobs. he knows what the role of the government is. he knows what it takes. i think we need people like that in government. do you agree with me? >> [applause] >> so people say gee can he lead in washington. absolutely. he can lead. because he's a business person. because that's what you do in business. you make tough decisions and you lead. you find solutions to problems. we are desperate for leadership right now, folks. pat toomy is doing a great


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